Every year, an increasing number of Americans are victims of credit card theft. It is thought that about 20% of these individuals blame online transactions for these incidents, which may be why people avoid doing their shopping online. The best technique to locate a purchase VCC.

Virtual credit cards, which provide operated numbers for payments and have been used for almost seven years, are steadily gaining popularity because they allow consumers to make purchases without worrying that their personal information would be stolen.

What is virtual credit card, exactly?

Virtual credit cards are temporary payment memory cards that can be used for online purchasing and other transactions. 
They are also referred to as one-time use credit cards. 
Given new card number for each and every online transaction they make, this type of card offers the protection these customers seek.
These cards are only issued by well-known companies like Master Card, Visa, and significant banking institutions. 
They completely remove any potential of fraud and are comparable to online gift certificates.

How do they Function?

The only difference between these cards and conventional cards is that they can only be used online. Customers wishing to shop online utilize the amount of their virtual card precisely like

hey would under normal circumstances. The credit card accounts are funded online. In essence, virtual credit cards are prepaid cards that don’t have a credit line made available to them. Before using the card, the customer will need to open an account and fund it. While some companies only accept standard credit or debit cards, others let funding of the accounts using a number of methods.