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What You’ll Get

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Product Details

Buy TrafficJunky Account

If you’re looking to buy trafficJunky account, do not worry about it. I’m confident that it’s 100% safe to buy trafficJunky accounts from us. If account you’re considering buying an trafficJunky account through us, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your account. Here you will find high-quality trafficJunky account for sale at a cheap price.

Buy a Trafficjunky account and review the traffic junky website. According to its website, rafficJunky is a self-serve bidding and prepaid promotion platform.

Buy TrafficJunky Account

This allows you to independently explore this advertising network knowing that you can always rely on specialized account managers and TrafficJunky’s 24/7 live service for assistance.

Technical banner advertising is what TrafficJunky does (mobile footer, interstitial, and also underplayed.)

Do you need any money to make it happen?


They oversee 3 billion daily impressions and approximately 150 million daily visits.

That is primarily from countries in grade 1.

We are talking about the USA, the UK, Germany, and France. Additionally, they have received a stylish tier 3 item.

View the illustration below to get a general idea!

Many of you love talking to an Account Manager whenever you want, therefore you should know that TrafficJunky offers live assistance through phone and chat twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Due to the fact that it expedites the advertising approval process, this freshly created service team is crucial. In actuality, the treatment takes no longer than an hour or so to complete.


You could even enter a hip Support Center for TrafficJunky!

It features a section that describes every major component of the platform in great depth! As you can see, they also have a great FAQ area in addition to the Glossary.

You can get your questions answered at this moment!

It has a poor design as well as some really useful insights. Let’s now talk about the numerous tools!

There are only eight segments that need to be understood.

The point at which you may evaluate what you might seek to achieve and how much it will cost you depends on your purpose.

Not to worry!

We will evaluate this part. For now, simply be aware that they continually change the prices and gamble!

The sale shall live!

You can locate some reasonable low pricing, depending on your listing and the aims you often use. You might even search for a specific GEO-target.

Increased Trackers
The name is self-explanatory.

Make sure everything is being watched in one place!

Here, you can save your photos and keep them available for use whenever you like.

a fantastic thing?

It allows you to move forward with a bulk upload of up to 500 graphics at once!

Yet another excellent feature?

The readily available filters make it possible to locate anything very quickly!

Clean up your campaigns!

Like a pro, label and arrange your items!

the collection of all of your effort-based bids. Each five minutes, it has been updated.

Situational Preview
Come see for yourself!

The information provided by the TrafficJunky staff is very cool and insightful. Depending on the device, website, and location, you can get a good idea of where your advertisement will appear.

In our opinion, that might be the best feature you can look up on TrafficJunky!

It’s a wonderful idea and a strong, durable solution that will help you analyze data like a pro!

Buy TrafficJunky Account (7)

Be at ease!

In a few minutes, we’ll conduct a lot more in-depth research on this functionality.

Promotional Production
Let’s move forward!

It’s time to create your own TrafficJunky project!

You’re going to find so much there that will wow you!


The options are as follows:

We looked into the “Marijuana Campaign” just out of curiosity in order to determine its exact purpose.

It’s a type of endeavor that might be launched in some US states that authorize the promotion of marijuana-related content. The “Junky” part of TrafficJunky may be found here.

It’s a desirable and distinctive quality that many traffic sources cannot boast about!

Let’s get back to what’s important:

The Common Campaign!

The majority of these crucial Campaign Preferences are offered by TrafficJunky.

What ones?

Evaluation of the campaign settings for TrafficJunky:

You should be aware that the ISP aim may be the biggest difficulty you will have to overcome at first.

You won’t be given a list of Carriers to choose from by TrafficJunky.

Instead, they provide you a selection of ISPs.

This typically signifies that you can have problems segmenting and focusing on the traffic you’re looking for.

Our proposal?

Direct traffic toward the ISPs.

Once you’ve started the endeavor, check your tracker later to see which ISPs are diverting traffic away from the carrier you actually want.

It is time to incorporate one’s creative efforts on the BLP area after the straightforward installation.

You must now select the banner ad kind, upload the banner ads, and then provide the deal connection or possibly the tracker effort URL.

Each zone and website has its own norms and guidelines because this advertising system integrates with so many distinct websites.

Before launching a campaign, consider those guidelines. Otherwise, you risk wasting time on banner advertising that are not permitted.

Another crucial issue that needs to be understood?

You should constantly take into account the size of their banner adverts!

It matters, bro!

You will be able to target the Header, Underplayer, and Mobile Embed zones if you upload 305 x-rays 99.

Even so, adding 300 X 250 will only allow you to reach the Footer slot as your goal.

How to proceed?

Before beginning the effort, make sure you do some research on your possibilities.

Your banner adverts should be suitable for the type of traffic you want to achieve!

Can TrafficJunky create something unique with this specific function?


They’ve acquired a pricing and pricing tool that allows you to check the volume of traffic available in each location and filter it by device type, target audience, keyword, and area.

It’s pretty practical and definitely helps you decide which regions and banner to target.


You already have a game program!

It’s now time for you to combine the banner advertising and decide where they will go live soon.

For obvious reasons, as you can see from the figure above, TrafficJunky allows you to select the majority of zones simultaneously or one at a time.

Numerous zones in the common Mobile Header or Footer, Interstitials, and Underplayer can give you traffic from top market sites.

The best maneuver?

to gain from these statistics on trucking and inventory.

Nice Hint

Header locations typically operate better.


because they really are the first advertisement someone sees on a specific website!

Avoid bidding on or targeting too many stains.

Exactly why?

Because you might not be able to afford a lot of traffic, their technique might not be able to help you drive traffic for your effort.

As you can see, TrafficJunky receives traffic from some of those giant guys in the adult vertical on a global scale.

That is not a request for high-quality sources!

Additionally, through testing and experience, we noticed several trends.

Evaluate these inclinations, bro:

The 300 X 250 has decent loudness. However, it can fail to obtain excellent, equal to that of 305 x-rays 99 in size. Why? Because the size of the mobile underside spots is 300 X 250 and the size of the header stains are 305 X 99, respectively.
You might find Headers, Underplayers, and Embed in the 305 x-rays. The latter receives the best available traffic. Furthermore, the Underplayer claims to have given the worst performance in the 305 x-rays 99 place.

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