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I’ll walk you through each step of this solution in this helpful article so you can set up your PopAds efforts and targeting options correctly. It is a PopAds case study that will help you tremendously! However, the Mobidea Academy experts have already created a fantastic PopAds review you can check out! In this helpful piece, you may even learn how to make the most of your efforts. For example, I’ll provide a quick study about optimizing, which can help you create more lucrative goals.
For the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know me personally, I’m an online marketer named Andrew Payne who focuses on driving mobile traffic.

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Let’s focus on the wonderful team for the time being, though, and see if we can increase your PopAds earnings.

When I would be able to share some of my ideas with you directly, the Mobidea Crew contacted me.

The idea of advice and research on PopAds came up after we started brainstorming ideas for subjects based on what I could think of. It was a perfect fit.

You see, I’ve been scaling one of my attempts across many sources and using it as a demonstration for my training students to learn how to maximize and scale their own.

I had just recently started conducting research on PopAds, and the information I have gathered serves as an extreme example in this particular guide.

The Way to Correctly Establish a PopAds Campaign

First things first, we need to understand the best way to set up a PopAds campaign.

I’ve discovered that many new affiliates tend to overthink the process of launching an activity.

In order to avoid becoming trapped when looking at all of the alternatives available on the preferences, the second suspect should be themselves.

Pro Suggestion: It’s important to understand as much as you can about a traffic resource.

Each is pretty unique, so what works with one source might not always work with another.

I encourage you to browse the entire knowledgebase or FAQ section on PopAds. If you still can’t find the answer to a few of your more specific inquiries, you might even consider sending a service message.

Tracking Your Efforts Is Critical

Whether you use Thrive, FunnelFlux, Voluum, or another monitoring platform, Voluum offers a specific pair of tokens that must be configured in your chosen tracker. id

These parts will send data back to your tracker, allowing you to maximize your effort while still making wise selections.

It is crucial to set this up correctly because you invest more money collecting data for your own marketing; you shouldn’t lose this data without needing things to function properly.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see the PopAds tokens that are now available as well as an example of how to set this up at Voluum.

All the PopAds tokens that are currently available are shown below:

Here’s an excellent illustration of how to set up the Voluum accounts’ components:

Possibly Related:

If everything is set up correctly and you make a new effort on your tracker, the effort’s very Close link must appear as crazy as the following:[WEBSITEID]

&quality=[QUALITY categoryid=[CATEGORYID] &country=[COUNTRY] &formfactorname=[FORMFACTORNAME] &ispid=[ISPID] &ispname=[ISPNAME] &campid=[CAMPAIGNID] &impressionid=[IMPRESSIONID] &adblock=[ADBLOCK] &bid=[BID]

Once you’ve decided on the industry you’ll be researching, the nation you want to target, and you’ve gathered one or more sources to study, carry on and add them to your tracker and create the effort link that will be used on PopAds. It should resemble the case link from earlier.

For this particular example, we’ll utilize an iPhone sweepstakes offer that includes both wi-fi and all major cell carriers in South Africa.

These materials normally come in the payoff range of $1 to $5. The major one I used often had four rewards. There are numerous options in this section.You can select the campaign name, personalize the effort connection that your tracker gives you, and more.

Don’t give this place too much thought! I visit several affiliates who commit the following errors. Enter the name you want to use, keep the URL option selected, and then enter your own effort connection.

On average, I will ignore the Prefetching option and check it out once I’ve put in a great effort. Most frequently, I get asked about PopAds’ highest quality choice.


Now that I’ve told you, pay close attention: the reason you keep it set to “All of the sites” in first is because you don’t need to establish a limit on how much traffic you will receive.

You should experiment thoroughly to ascertain what exactly is and isn’t genuinely changing for the effort. This applies to any preference made in this attempt.

You should not worry about all of these minor details at first; instead, you should only set up the minimum number of options necessary to focus the right kind of visitors to your supplies.

You can later reevaluate several of these as the marketing process progresses, if necessary. Keep your starting frequency cap set to “Inch view/24 hours.”

So that the effort won’t begin until I’m ready, please allow me to leave “After Approval” on “Pause.” You can also achieve this by setting your “Time Targeting” daypart to the right periods or days to carry out the endeavor.

The same steps we took to locate the “Quality” choice should be taken to find the “PrimeSpot” option.

At the bottom, there is a small checkbox that asks if you want to “Permit alternate procedures when the selected one isn’t available.”

Since your pop-under sort of traffic would predominate in any case, I usually leave this assessed.

Budgets, the second step. I advise leaving “Smart Bid” in charge.

In order to give you traffic while maintaining your effort’s average bid within your maximum bid range, PopAds will be able to adjust your bid to different degrees based on the competition of each and every website. The “Legacy Bid” could offer you level rate bidding for every website delivering you traffic. I bet you’re wondering right now how to choose your bid.

Put it at 1 CPM for the time being, which is.001; nevertheless, we’ll keep coming back for this in the future before saving this specific work. Then, for the overall budget, you may specify a daily spending cap.

The amount you included with the overall campaign money will be paid if you leave it clean. This paragraph needs no explanation.

You can surely adjust the rate at which your advertising spends to a second/minute/hour grade if you’d really like to stretch out the duration of your assessment expenditure. I don’t use these features, though.

If you’re promoting an offer that is specifically tailored to your specialized niche, the category area can be helpful. Typically, I have only used it to target all Adult traffic, mainstream traffic, or both.

There is no obligation to be so flexible with your own targeting for many offer types, such as anti-virus, sweepstakes, and mobile apps.

All of these materials work with most surfaces, but you must follow the guidelines provided for the specific deals you’re examining.

Buy Popads Account

If it won’t let more speedy traffic, for example, you might specify solely main-stream traffic as your objective. In this instance, we are rendering the entire area because we are choosing all of the traffic.

Keep in mind that if you click “Your Options” and leave the appropriate box blank, everything will be automatically directed to the section. If you manually place one or more items up to the ideal box, it might just be focusing on those specific options.

The bulk of the time, you might limit your efforts to one country, and this is the time when you make that choice. However, you may want to perform a worldwide analysis occasionally rather than concentrating on just one country.

You can adjust the population sizes and languages you’re targeting in this section. Again, there may be a few instances where this is appropriate, but more often than not, only the speech options will be used correctly.

Perhaps you want to manage exactly the languages you’re targeting because your campaign may involve several different countries. In other cases, you’re focused on a single nation with a variety of languages, but just one of them is profitable.

How to proceed?

Later, you can go back and get rid of the one that performed the poorest. Here is a screen shot that targets every language to the country you selected in step 5:

One of the many reasons PopAds might be a great source of traffic for beginners is possibly due to its targeting capabilities.

PopAds offers more targeting options than virtually every other traffic source, allowing you to focus on the several lucrative market segments while developing campaigns.

The three primary options in the environment targeting are as follows:


Only a few supplies support traffic from both iOS and Android devices. In this section, you define that. You can choose specific browser types to attract traffic from.

I advise targeting every browser at first, then looking back at your own data to determine whether adjustments were worthwhile.


Rarely do I need to aim or eliminate different screen resolutions. If your landing page is properly coded, your winning effort should, in most situations, work across all monitor resolutions.

You can select whether to concentrate on computers, phones, tablets, and a few more device kinds using the apparatus targeting settings.

We’re only going to focus on phones in this specific case. You also have the option to focus on particular device versions with PopAds.

While this feature is acceptable, it frequently serves little purpose until a specific model of the equipment has significant traffic but poor conversion rates, or the opposite is true.

If such is the case, you can come back to this technique later and remove that apparatus version.

Instead, you might concentrate just on the most successful apparatus models. We’ll start by aiming at all of the models.

You can specify the type of internet connection visitors are using in this section and set your goals accordingly.

For instance, some services only allow traffic from specific ISPs or cell carriers. You might decide to put out the effort at this time.

There are three options:

Relationship Type S

When I set up campaigns, I want as much traffic as I can get, thus I’ll leave this strategy chosen for all of the options.

You can choose whether you want to target traffic, carrier traffic, or another option when it comes to connection rates.

I used to choose “Cellular/Carrier” when I wanted to target only Carrier visitors.

Providers of websites

This is the moment where you can make your choice if you need to target a specific mobile carrier.

We’ll be focusing on traffic with this specific campaign demonstration.

Pro Suggestion: on PopAdsyou will observe that a number of those ISP titles do not fit the recent Mobile Carrier titles. If you’re having trouble finding that ISP could be the true Mobile Carrier you’d like, you may easily carry out a quick Google search of the ISP name displayed by PopAds, and also you may figure out the true name of the cell Carrier.

This will help you to ensure that you are directing the desired cell phone carrier traffic to the appropriate ISP.

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