Features Of Our Old Facebook Accounts

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Full Completed Profiles.
  • 100% Recovery Guaranty.
  • Realistic Photo Attached Accounts.
  • Manually designed.
  • Mostly USA Profile’s Bio and Photo.
  • 1 to 5+ Years Old accounts.
  • Email & Phone Verified Accounts and Active Profiles.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • High-Quality Service.
  • Express Delivery.
  • Very Cheap Price.
  • No Fake Bots.
  • Unlimited split available.
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Instant Work Start.
  • Minimum two months to 2 years old.
  • Extra Support after service delivery.

We have a vast team and committed members. They are always available to help you at any time and offer helpful Support is also available.

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Product Details

Buy Old Facebook Accounts

Facebook is the most popular social media site, which has millions of members and an increasing number of millions of users every day. Additionally, you can be in contact with your family and friends. Customers are buying Facebook accounts that meet their requirements. We at Social accounts. I offer, aged facebook accounts for sale; however, our most popular service is buy verified facebook accounts and buy aged facebook account that have activities.

Our Facebook profiles are authentic and real-looking. We do not use any bots to perform activities on them. We are farming by hand using VirtualBox and also using MLA. Sometimes, you buy old Facebook accounts to promote your product or business; however, Facebook could not block them because of fake accounts.

With us, you’ll receive authentic Facebook accounts as each profile will contain numerous pictures of the same person. We’ll supply the images so that you can continue posting to our old Facebook accounts. Additionally, every Facebook account is verified by active numbers, so you can request the verification code for re-verification whenever needed. Our charges are secure, and verified Accounts on Facebook are certain and verified.

The majority of people are purchasing active Facebook accounts for advertising purposes to promote their business since Facebook has millions of active users and also allows targeting of users. Our old Facebook accounts with Events are beneficial and are suitable to advertise

.buy old facebook accounts

Why should you buy old Facebook accounts? With Us-related Activities?

  1. Separate Cookies File For Each Account
  2. As you may have noticed, Facebook is increasing the security of its system because of a large number of fake accounts and seeking any verification such as photo verification, phone authentication, identification proof email verification, friend verification, and many more. The security checkpoint is required whenever you make changes to the location of your account or make any modifications. When you sign up with our accounts, you will receive cookies files. Therefore, I suggest signing in to your old Facebook account using cookies.
  3. Instructions File To Login With Cookies
  4. Many people aren’t aware of how to log into accounts using cookies, so we’re providing Old Facebook accounts with clear instructions to ensure that you don’t face any issues when you log in to your account. You can download the file with the instructions here. Click here
  5. FB Accounts With Proxies
  6. The majority of people are unaware of the proxies, and so they login to accounts through their IPs which can cause problems. Some purchase expensive proxies from various sources. However, on Social accounts. You can get older Facebook accounts with representatives, so there is no need to buy proxy servers.
  7. Reports With Active US Numbers
  8. Every Old Facebook profile is active USA numbers, which means that you can request the re-verification number at any time, and it can also assist you in clearing your checkpoints anytime it asks. We do not charge anything for the re-verification codes. Most numbers are valid for three months.
  9. Goods For Ads
  10. The majority of people are running ads after purchasing new Facebook PVA accounts that aren’t suitable and blocked. Our old accounts on the Facebook PVA Accounts are convenient for advertisements since they’re older (3months or more 6+ months, 1plus years, 6+ years old, 10+ years old). They have lots of activities, making them appear authentic and legitimate.
  11. Accounts With Lots Of Friends
  12. Facebook examines all of the aspects when you display advertisements. Most people buy old Facebook accounts, but they don’t have any friends and are being blocked or asking for government ID. However, our more senior Facebook PVA profiles include 100+ Friends on every profile, which means they’re a good fit for advertising.
  13. 2FA With Twilio Auth App
  14. We are implementing Two-Factor Authentication for client requests using the Twilio App. If you require 2FA, ask, and we’ll set it up with the Twilio app, which is free. Note I’ll email you the instruction file to set up the 2FA using Twilio. The reason we set up 2FA generally, 2FA is used to safeguard your account from security breaches and charges.

Critical Features Of Facebook Accounts:

  • All Facebook Profiles Are Farmed Into Different Unique Proxies
  • Fully Profiled Old Facebook Accounts
  • Aged Facebook Phone Verified Accounts
  • Manually Farmed Into Different VirtualBox
  • Cookies File Attached With Your Account
  • Proxies Information Attached With Your FB Profile
  • Phone Verified With USA Numbers

buy facebook accounts


Instructions to buy old Facebook accounts?

There are a variety of packages and products. Therefore choose the item you’d like to purchase and add it to your cart. Once you have added it to your cart, you’ll be able to see the checkout button. Click it and then fill the checkout page.

Why Buy Aged FB PVA Accounts?

It is well known that you aren’t able to run Facebook ads on new Facebook PVA accounts and inactive Facebook accounts. Therefore, you must have an existing account or buy old Facebook PVA accounts for ads. Social Accounts, the most effective site to buy any Social Media accounts, can help you get old PVA accounts on Facebook. These are the perfect way to run ads because they are active and senior Facebook accounts.

What was the best product you would suggest to buy Older FB PVA Accounts?

We have various choices to buy aged Facebook PVA accounts. And our Facebook accounts that have activities are the top-selling products for Facebook advertisements. Therefore, all accounts that have activities are good. However, we suggest you Buy a Facebook Aged Account with Activities 1+ Years old or buy Aged Facebook Accounts with Activities 6+ years.

Do you offer samples?

They’re expensive, and we cannot provide you with any samples since there are many counterfeit buyers. They have taken the profile and fled. We don’t have evidence.

How do I create my profile on my personal computer?

We’re sending a step-by-step to install a Facebook Profile into your desktop. If you need help, ask us when you encounter difficulties creating the profile.

Can I choose the gender?

Yes, you can put the gender in your message box, which you’ll see at the bottom of our checkout pages. However, the majority of profiles are of women.

What’s the most significant difference between the Old and New Facebook Accounts?

The majority of people buy Facebook accounts for various services, including advertisements, marketplaces groups spamming, and other marketing goals. We will declare that older Facebook accounts are outstanding for advertising and the new PVA Facebook Accounts aren’t suitable for advertising.

Are they able to use Marketplace?

We’re not particular about the best way to buy a Facebook account Through Marketplace. If you’re buying old Facebook PVA accounts in the Marketplace, we’re not offering any assistance.

What exactly does it mean to have an ID or without an ID?

This is the first time Facebook will ask for your Govt ID whenever you’re creating ads. Therefore, we are providing Facebook Accounts with IDs to clear the checkpoint. We recommend that you buy old accounts on Facebook with ID If you are using them for advertising purposes.

What is the age of the profiles you have?

We have several older FB profiles. We have more than ten-year-old FB profiles with a minimum age of 6 years 1, 2plus years old, 6and a half months old, and three+ months old Facebook profiles. Please refer to our product catalog for your requirements.

What exactly do you mean when you say With Activities and Without Activities?

The majority of people are buying accounts to advertise, and Facebook wants users to show ads when the version you have is in use. This means that your profile will contain lots of photos that are the same as the user and posts and other posts (like comments, comments, share videos, and others). In addition, without activities means that they’re not active accounts.

Are they suitable for the Business Manager profile in these types of profiles?

They are indeed an excellent idea to make an account for a Business Manager account on these profiles due to them appearing to be genuine and legitimate Facebook profiles. If you’re seeking an account for a Business Manager account, our store has it. The possibility of buying Facebook accounts with the Businesses Manager.

Do you have other kinds of PVA or cheap Facebook accounts?

Yes, we can. Find out a different plan. We sell high-end and Cheapest new Facebook account with active and temporary numbers.

buy aged facebook account

How do I buy verified, active, and verified by phone old Facebook Accounts from us?

Selecting the best service is based on the nature of your need and taking the necessary steps below.

Step #1: Click the option Buy Now as illustrated in the image

Step#02: Give the information required to the service

Step#03: After filling in all the necessary details, it appears like the image below.

Step#04: In this section, please enter your billing information.

Final Step: Finish your payment and buy Facebook accounts.

If you’re looking to buy old Facebook accounts, do not worry about it. I’m confident that it’s 100% safe to buy old Facebook accounts from us. If you’re considering buying old Facebook accounts through us, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your account. Here you will find full verified old Facebook accounts for sale at a cheap price.

The order will be completed after 24 hours or in a matter of minutes when you provide us with the information needed as stated above. If your email differs from the customer’s email it is possible that we need to confirm this by first contacting you before taking any orders. The delivery of our goods could take longer than one day, so don’t be concerned if they do not show up immediately! 

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